Eating too much of this popular snack can kill you


We all like to eat snacks, don't we? Alot of people snack to feel their hunger pangs. Over the years,snacks have become part of our daily meals. In as much as we like to snack,do we really pay attention to how that particular snack affect our health? I bet we don't, because of its irresistible taste.

Potato chips is a majority's favorite due to its flavour. Potatoes are actually healthy. However, they become unhealthy because we commonly consume them as deep-fried foods such as chips or french fries. They are also unhealthy because burnt chips contain chemicals known as acrylamide that could increase cancer risk.

With majority of the country indulging in this salty, fatty, fried food on a regular basis, it's highly likely that quite a population may be eating too much potato chips. Now the question is, how can you tell if you are eating too much potato chips?

Here's how you can tell;

When you constantly feel bloated and puffy (especially when your hands, feet and lips get swollen). This is due to water retention from excess salt.

Why eating too much potato chips can kill you

Potato chips are low in nutritional value due to its excess starch. They are high in sodium and often contains pro-inflammatory ingredients such as highly processed vegetable oils. Due to these constituents, eating too much potato chips can kill you.

Some of the diseases one can get as a result of eating too much potato chips are;

• High blood pressure which can lead to stroke if left untreated.

• Heart failure and kidney diseases

• Weight gain

• Trouble sleeping

• Headaches and inflammation

• Increases the risk of cancer

These deadly diseases are as a result of eating too much potato chips. Whenever you want to eat potato chips, eat in moderation so as not to endanger your life. You can as well go for snack foods filled with protein and fiber in order to live healthy.

Thank you.


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