How This senator Defended Drivers And Revealed The Alleged Amount Taken By Police as Bribes (Video)


There has always been issues of concern between the drivers and the traffic police officers in Kenya.Senator Cherargei raised the issue during the Senate proceedings yesterday.He focused on the outcry of the drivers concerning the allegedly illegal roadblocks that are ending up harassing the drivers.

The senator requested for the regulation of the roadblocks in Kenya.He said that an investigation needs to be done on why the Kenya Police Service have mounted roadblocks that do not exist among the gazetted roadblocks.

The senator mentioned the roadblocks mounted along Eldoret-Kitale Highway around Matunda region.He also unveiled a roadblock at Moi's bridge.He sought to know if the two roadblocks are recognized by the government.He claimed that the two roadblocks have been allegedly harrassing road users especially drivers.

He noted that drivers have to bring the officers with ksh 2000 at the roadblocks or ksh 5000 at the selected police stations.The senator requested the committee to conduct an investigation on the matter to also state the measures that should be undertaken when such incidences of harassment occurs.He sought for the protection of the road users in as much as the government use the roadblocks as check points to ensure adherence of the road rules and regulations.

The senator requested for the criteria used to set roadblocks along highways and in rural areas.It is hoped that the selected committee will solve the current problem.Perhaps the issue of bribing the police officers will come to an end.Kindly share your opinions.You may click on the link below to watch the video.


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