OPINION| Why was Robert Mugabe Junior not rushed to Parirenyatwa Hospital ?

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Yes, no normal person rejoice when a person is sick but how many people are dying everyday in Zimbabwe's death traps disguised as hospitals?The father of this boy was the author of all this suffering and he used to get treatment outside Zimbabwe. I suspect this boy was dosed or injected with some deadly stuff when he was at the zanu pf rally, because he is considered to be a G40 and some chefs in zanu pf. I should have wished him a speedy recovery if he was admitted at Parerenyatwa hospital where our families are dying without any medication, Iam sorry to say it let him enjoy the hospital bed


Hospitalised in Singapore because they destroyed the healthcare system in Zimbabwe which forces you and your family to be thrown into ghost hospitals with no medication or basic equipment like X-Rays, whilst they use your money in foreign hospitals then they come and ask for 5 more years of punishing you with your relatives and possibly yourself dying from easily treatable diseases, there is only one cure for this, registering to vote and blocking anyone who supports this regime and its anti-people policies

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