The Immunity President Buhari Is Enjoying As Along As He Is The President Of Nigeria

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Some of us are probably not aware that as President Muhammadu Buhari is the number one citizen of the country right now, there are some things that can never happen to him as long as he remains the president of Nigeria. This was the same for the past Presidents and what it will be for the future Presidents of the country.

What you should know about the Immunity Clause.

The first thing we have to know when discussing the things that can never happen to the Nigerian President is the Immunity Clause. What is the Immunity Clause? The Immunity Clause is a section of the constitution that provides a shield for the President, the vice President, Governor and the deputy Governor of a state. This shield prevents these notable office holders from any incoming legal action in respect to personal or criminal proceedings in the court of law.

Why the Immunity Clause exists.

The Immunity clause helps the President, vice President, Governor, or deputy Governor focus on their duties of governance without being distracted by any legal actions. For example, if the Immunity Clause does not exist, a Governor of a state could be charged to court on several occasions and this will distract such person from carry out his governance appropriately.

The Immunity President Buhari and other Governors of Nigeria have as long as they are in government

According to the section 308 of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, the President, vice President, Governors and their deputy Governors cannot be;

1. Sued to court by anyone: The president of Nigeria cannot be sued to court by any individual or organisation. This means that regardless of what the president of Nigeria does to you, You can never sue him to court personally.

2. Arrested: The president alongside the aforementioned office holders can never be arrested by any security operatives. This is why you often see state Governors tackle the Federal Government without being scared of arrest. Any of these people cannot be arrested by law.

3. Appear in court personally: Since you cannot sue the President to court, there is no way he would appear in court to answer for whatever crime he has been charged for. No matter the offence, the President can never appear in the court of law.

Can this immunity be changed?

For now, there is nobody who can tamper with the Immunity Clause because it is part of the Nigerian constitution, and before you can alter the Immunity Clause, there must definitely be an amendment to the constitution which is not always done easily. In a report on the Guardian News, there was a move to strip the Nigerian president and his vice of their immunities, but the move was not successful.

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