5 Businesses You Can Do In Nigeria To Make Double Or More Profits In A Year


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There are some business people don't notice that gives double Profits in a year depends on the market in that year, but there is no way you won't make double of your money.

In this article, I will mention 5 Businesses you can use your money to do to make double of it in a year

5 Businesses You can do in Nigeria to Make Double Profits in a Year

1. Land Business

Land Business is the surest way to make double or more Profits in a year, if you have 1 million Naira that you are not using, use it to buy land and leave it for a year to appreciate and sell it back, you will make double of your money.

2. Palm Oil Business

The palm oil Business can give you double Profits too. If you have 1 million that you are not using, you can use it to buy Palm oil when it's cheap, then sell it when the demand is high in the market, you will make double of your money.

3. Fish farming

You can Invest your money in fish Farming and make double Profits in it. If you have 1 Million Naira, you can Invest it in fish Farming and make double of your money.

4. Rabbit Rearing

If you buy a female and male rabbit with N2000 and start rearing it till she gat birth, she can birth to 10 rabbits at once and you will sell one small rabbit rate at the rate of N1000.

5. Poultry Farming

You can double your money by Investing in Poultry Farming. In this business, you will be selling eggs as a profit, when all the hens are Matured to sell, you can still sell them double of your mone.

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