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Dilraba Dilmurat ( Uyghur : ﺩﻯﻠﺮەﺑﺎ ﺩﻯﻠﻤﯘﺭﺍﺕ , ULY:

Dilreba Dilmurat , Pinyin : Dílìrèbā Dílìmùlātí ; [1] born June 3, 1992), better known as Dilireba ( simplified Chinese: 迪丽热巴; traditional Chinese: 迪麗熱巴), is a Chinese actress, singer and model of Uyghur ethnicity.

In 2017, Dilraba ranked 37th in Forbes China Celebrity 100 list [2] and 16th in 2019. [3]


2013–2016: Acting debut and rising popularity

In 2013, Dilraba made her acting debut in the television drama Anarhan , playing the lead role. [4] The drama garnered a nomination for "Outstanding Television Series" at the 30th

Flying Apsaras Awards . [5]

In 2014, she was signed to Jay Walk Studio and starred in the web series V Love, produced by the company. [6] The same year, Dilraba gained recognition for her role as Fuqu in the hit fantasy action drama Swords of Legends . [7]

In 2015, Dilraba co-starred in romantic comedy drama Diamond Lover , winning acclaim for her role as a sassy pop-star. [8] She won the "Audience's Favorite Newcomer" award at the 7th China TV Drama Awards for her performance. [9]

In 2016, Dilraba was cast as the leading role in the youth sports drama Hot Girl . [10] She won the "Outstanding New Actress" award at 2016 ENAwards for her performance in the series. [11]

2017–present: Breakthrough

In 2017, Dilraba played the leading role in romantic comedy drama Pretty Li Huizhen , a remake of South Korean drama She Was Pretty . [12] She won the Best Actress award at the China TV Golden Eagle Award for her performance. [13] She also starred in fantasy romance drama Eternal Love as a fox fairy. [14] The drama gained explosive popularity in China as well as internationally, and led to increased recognition and popularity for Dilraba. [15] She was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress award at the Shanghai Television Festival for her role. [16] The same year, she had her first big screen leading role in romantic comedy film Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice . [17][18] Her performance earned her the Best New Actress award at the 2016 China Britain Film Festival. [19] She then starred in the historical romance drama The King's Woman , [20][21] and fantasy film Namiya , the Chinese adaptation of Japanese novel

Miracles of the Namiya General Store . [22][23] Dilraba won the Newcomer award at the Golden Phoenix Awards for her performance in

Namiya . [24]

In 2017, Dilraba also joined the fifth season of

Keep Running as a cast member, earning increased popularity for her variety stint. [25]

Forbes China listed Dilraba under their 30 Under 30 Asia 2017 list which consisted of 30 influential people under 30 years old who have had a substantial effect in their fields. [26]

In 2018, Dilraba starred in the romantic comedy film 21 Karat. [27] She then starred in the wuxia romance drama The Flame's Daughter [28] and science fiction romance comedy drama Sweet Dreams . [29][30] Due to her rising popularity, Dilraba was crowned the Golden Eagle Goddess at the 12th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival. [31]

In 2019, Dilraba appeared in CCTV New Year's Gala for the first time, performing the song item "China Happy Events". [32] Dilraba also joined the fifth season of Go Fighting! as a regular cast member. [33]

In 2020, Dilraba starred in the fantasy romance drama Eternal Love of Dream , reprising her role as Fengjiu from Eternal Love . [34] The same year, she starred in the workplace romance drama

Love Advanced Customization, portraying a fashion designer. [35]

Dilraba is set to star in the historical fantasy film

Saga of Light portraying Chang'e . [36] She is also set to star in the historical drama Chang Ge Xing, portraying the title character. [37]


Dilraba is one of the most in-demand brand ambassadors in China due to numerous endorsement deals ranging from food and beverage, [38][39] basic commodities, [40] beauty and retail products [41][42] , to mobile applications [43] and technological products. [44]

[45] She also endorses several international brands like L'oreal Paris and Mikimoto. [46] [47]

P&G 's Whisper saw a rise in sales after engaging Dilraba as their spokesperson. [48] Dilraba has ended her contract with Dolce & Gabbana after a racist ad incident in China. [49]



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes/Ref.

2015 Fall in Love Like a Star 怦然星动 Hao Meili [50]

2017 Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice 傲娇与偏见 Tang Nannan [17]

Namiya 解忧杂货店 Tong Tong [22]

2018 21 Karat 21克拉 Liu Jiayin [27]

2020 Saga of Light 日月 Chang'e [36]

Television series

Year English title Chinese title Role Networ

2013 Anarhan 阿娜尔罕 Anarhan CCTV

2014 Swords of Legends 古剑奇谭 Fuqu Hunan TV

V Love 微时代 Wu Anbo (Amber) Tencen

Cosmetology High 美人制造 Qing Cheng Hunan TV The Sound of Desert 风中奇缘 Li Ji

2015 The Backlight of Love 逆光之恋 Jiang Li Tencen

Diamond Lover 克拉恋人 Gao Wen Anhui TV ,

Zhejian TV

2016 Legend of Ban Shu 班淑传奇 Princess Loulan Tencen

The Ladder of Love 爱的阶梯 Song Zihan Jiangsu TV

Six Doors 六扇门 Su Yiqing Tencen

Hot Girl 麻辣变形计 Guan Xiaodi Hunan TV

2017 Pretty Li Huizhen 漂亮的李慧珍 Li Huizhen

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 Bai Fengjiu Jiangsu TV ,

Zhejian TV

The King's Woman 秦时丽人明月心 Gongsun Li Zhejian TV

2018 The Flame's Daughter 烈火如歌 Lie Ruge Youku

Sweet Dreams 一千零一夜 Ling Lingqi Hunan TV

2020 Eternal Love of Dream 三生三世枕上书 Bai Fengjiu Tencen

Love Advanced Customization 幸福触手可及 Zhou Fang Hunan TV

2021 Chang Ge Xing 长歌行 Li Changge Tencen

Short film

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes/Ref.

2017 Lost In Your Eyes N/A Harper's Bazaar film [57]

2018 Live For Real 热舞吧!青春 Xiao Zi Oppo film [58]

Come Across Love 不期而遇 Tencent Fashion film [59]

Model 模特 Vogue film [60]

Variety show

Year English title Chinese title Role Network NoR

2017 Keep Running 奔跑吧

Cast member Zhejiang TV Se 5 [

2018 Travel, Feel the World 慢游全世界 [61

2019 Produce Camp 2019 创造营 Presenter Tencent [62

Go Fighting! 极限挑战5 Cast member Dragon TV Se 5[3

Travel, Feel the World 慢游全世界 Beijing TV Se 2[6



Year English title Chinese title Album Notes

2014 "Our Era" 我们的时代 V Love OST with vari artists

2016 "Love in My Heart" 爱在心中 The Ladder of Love OST [64]

2017 "Be Together Without Worries" 漂亮的在一起 Pretty Li Huizhen OST "Can't Bear To" 舍不得 [65]

"Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice" 傲娇与偏见 Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice OST with Zha Yunlong

"A Lifetime of Adventure" 赴一场生命的冒险 God Slayer OST [66]

2018 "Good Luck Gathers in a Sweet" 好运聚一糖 Theme s advertis of 阿尔


"Yu Huo Cheng Shi" 浴火成诗 The Flame's Daughter OST with Ma Buyi[68]

2019 "China Happy Events" 中国喜事 Perform for CCT Spring G

"Grow in Light" 向上的光 Theme s 中国YOU划[69]

"Unlimited" 无限 Sheng Zai Zhong Guo [70]

"Today is Your Birthday" 今天是你的生日 [71]

2020 "Deliberately" 偏偏 Eternal Love of Dream OST with Sile Wang

"Hand in Hand" 手足 Charity s Coronavi

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work

Major awards

2016 1st China Britain Film Festival Best Newcomer Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice

19th Huading Awards Best Supporting Actress Diamond Lover

2017 23rd Shanghai Television Festival Best Supporting Actress Eternal Love 8th Macau International Television Festival Best Supporting Actress

2018 Shanghai International Film and Television Festival Internet Summit Best Actress (Web drama) The Flame's Daughter

5th The Actors of China Award Ceremony Outstanding Actress (Web Drama Category)

12th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival Golden Eagle Goddess N/A

Most Popular Actress Pretty Li Huizhen 29th China TV Golden Eagle Award Audience's Choice for Actress

2019 17th Golden Phoenix Awards Newcomer Award Namiya

Other awards

2014 Fashion Power Awards New Artiste Award N/A

2015 7th China TV Drama Awards Best New Actress Diamond Lover

2016 Chinese Campus Art Glory Festival Most Popular Role Model Artist N/A

23rd Cosmo Beauty Ceremony Young Idol Award N/A

2016 ENAwards Outstanding New Actress Hot Girl

5th iQiyi All-Star Carnival Best Rising Actress N/A

2017 10th Elle Fashion Awards Popular Idol Award N/A

11th Tencent Video Star Awards Most Popular Actress N/A

10th The Mango TV Awards Most Popular Actress N/A

Powerstar Award Ceremony Most Popular Chinese Actress N/A

Popular Star of the Year N/A

2018 China Screen Ranking Newcomer of the Year N/A

Youku Choice Awards Global Popular Idol N/A

Golden Data Entertainment Award Hottest Actress Online N/A

Actress with the Highest Fans Appeal N/A

China Entertainment Index Award Most Commercially Valuable Artist N/A

Golden Bud - The Third Network Film And Television Festival Best Actress (Web Drama) The Flame's Daughter

2018 Weibo V Influence Summit Top 10 Positive Energy Models N/A

Powerstar Award Ceremony Most Popular Actress N/A

2019 Weibo Awards Ceremony Person of the Year N/A

Golden Tower Award Most Popular Actress N/A

Cosmo Glam Night Person of The Year (Dream) N/A

Tencent Video All Star Awards VIP Star N/A

Powerstar Award Ceremony Most Popular Chinese Actress N/A

Jinri Toutiao Awards Ceremony Most Noticed Female Celebrity N/A

2020 Weibo Awards Ceremony Popular Artist of the Year N/A


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