Edward Mordrake was born with two faces, and you can learn more about him in this article.


Edward Mordrake was an English aristocrat born with a second face on the back of his head in the nineteenth century. While Mordrake was attractive and composed, the face across from him was misshapen, grotesque, and crazy, whispering twisted ideas that only Mordrake could hear, as if it were a distinct entity.

Despite his many talents and abilities, Mordrake's second face finally drove him insane, and he was confined to Bedlam Asylum. He eventually broke out and joined a freak show troupe, believing that it was the only way he could live a life free of the world's hostility. During the events of one Halloween night, however, he was led by the face to murder his whole family. However, during the events of one Halloween night, he was driven by the face to kill his entire coterie before killing himself.

The carnies have a superstition that any Halloween performance, no matter how insignificant, will attract Mordrake. A menacing thunderstorm develops on the night horizon, casting streaks of unusual lightning across the sky, and a thick, luminous green fog swirls wherever he goes once he appears. His second face can be heard speaking to him, telling him what it wants: the life of one of the carnies.

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