[NEW ] Update on the number of active cases of covid-19


The fight against the Corona virus pandemic is gradually becoming a thing of the past in the country because of its state in the nation now.

Some are of the view that the weather is playing a part in the sudden decrease in the active cases of the virus.

Others are also of the view that the vaccines is really doing its work.

Following of the safety protocols has not been mentioned as it has been noticed that majority of the citizens are not adhering to the safety protocols.

Some far the administration of the vaccines is also going on well.

From the offical page (website) of the Ghana health service, the following information were retrieved.

At the current stage, the number of active case is now at 1,412 which is now a decrease as compared to the records earlier.

93,269 patients have recovered so far whic makes it about more than 95% recovery rate of the total number of cases recorded in the nation which is 95,476. The number of new cases which was recorded is 107.

This too shall pass

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