Norma Mngoma: I wish I cheated on Melusi Gigaba

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Lasizwe's show call drink or tell the truth, has put many celebrities and well-known personalities at the spotlight. It's either you tell the truth to avoid drinking whatever it is that he has mixed, and at most times the things that you have to drink don't go well together.

According to Zalebs media publication, it has been reported that former finance minister Malusi Gigaba ex-wife Norma Mgoma has recently appeared on the show.

On this show the rules of the game require the the YouTuber and his guests to ask each other spicy questions that have never been ask before, it's either you choose whether you tell the truth or drink and nasty concoction mix by Lasizwe's production crew.

He described the mixture as containing coffee, milk, hot sauce, olive oil, and a variety of other things that don’t ordinarily go together.

"Rumours has it from the internet and from articles that you had an affair while you were still married with a SABC guy..." asked Lasizwe.

"I wish I had," responded Mngoma before adding that she did not cheat on her soon-to-be ex-husband, former finance minister Malusi Gigaba.

She was then asked about her relationship status, but she never really revealed all but only said that she has found love after the sour end to her marriage.

"Not really a relationship... But we are warming up to each other and we're going to date," she said.

Norma made it clear that she wished she could have cheated on the former finance minister Malusi Gigaba.

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