Is The Government Tricking People Into Getting Vaccinated? - OPINION

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The government has tried everything in its power to encourage South Africans and people living in South Africa to get vaccinated.

But for various reasons individuals are not interested in getting vaccinated.These reasons could be based on their beliefs that culture all based on things that they have heard from other individuals.

The government has resorted to offering incentives to individuals who get vaccinated. The first incentive the government offered was R100 grocery voucher for people over the ages of 60 who decided to get vaccinated.

They received a lot of scrutiny for this as people raised their concerns and said R100 was not enough to buy groceries.

They later introduced and incentives for the 50-year age group. The incentive was R100 grocery voucher but they have now doubled that and made it to R200 grocery voucher.

People still seem like they're not interested as they say it is still not enough to buy groceries to last a month.

Why do you think the government insists that people should get vaccinated?

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