Peace is what we need - Wendy Shay

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Peace is what we need - said Wendy Shay.

Ghanaian Female artist and Queen from the Ruff Town Records Wendy Shay has hit on social media preaching about peace on coming election 7th December.

Queen Shay said they is nothing happier in life than living a peaceful life and therefore she is not in for politics or basing on one Political party, but what she needs as a citizen of a Country is a Peaceful Election.

We all know that on 7th December is the day we will be out to cast our vote to whom and who should ruled over our country, and when it get to this time what others do think is conflict.

Because it does happen to other countries and other states but Mother Ghana is so blessed without experiencing conflict in their elections and therefore I will appeal to the Government both Candidates to ensure peace in our country.

I don’t support Parties but I do support my country said Wendy Shay.

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