Why Many Teachers Fail to Get Transfers From One Working Station to Another (Opinion)


The Teachers service commission has a mandate to employ, deploy and also promote teachers. The employment is done through recruitment that is every every year either for replacement or new employment though this days the employer also introduced internship as a way of raising standards of education due to teacher shortage.

Once a person secure a job, they should also know the terms cause this days teachers are posted by the employer to work in different counties. This means that the teachers should be able to read the teachers code of regulations adequately and understand it well especially when it comes to transfer. This is because, if they fail to get information, then it means they cannot succeed to get it when necessary.

The following are reasons why many teachers fail to get transfers:

1.Duration of stay in one station. The employer has stated clearly that once a person is employed they need to stay in same station for a period of five years more so intercounty transfers. If the duration is less, then they won't qualify to get one.

2.Fear of getting replacement. The school heads may fail to sign the transfer forms because of fear that they may fail to get replacement for the same. This means that the teacher will be forced today until the issue is settled.

3.Failure to give valid reason for transfer. If the teachers fail to give a good reason for seeking transfer to the new station. Also if the one given is not considered as valid, then they will not get it.

This are among the major reasons that teachers need to understand before they seek transfers especially those who don't have anyone to swap with as they will be forced to stay for a longer time in one station before they are considered by employer.

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