9 Games you should never let your children play because of their contents & themes


It is the responsibility of every parent to make sure your kids are exposed to age appropriate programs. There are lots of adult contents out there that children should not be viewing. In this computer age, all they need is access to the internet and you might not know how much damage has been done.

There are movies, books, and GAMES. It might surprise you as an individual that there might be games out there which children should not be playing. The contents of these games are too erotic and high rated for them. Parents tend to overlook games because they have the understanding that it's not real. Well, you will be surprised at how much your children can learn from them. Below are the top 9 games Children or teenagers should not be caught playing.

1. Summertime Saga: This game revolves around the life of a male teenager who is trying to figure out the cause of his father's death. He struggles through school, relationship, and finances.

It is a dating and explicit games that entail lots of adult contents. It is not available on play store due to how erotic it is.

2. Snow Daze: The music of winter: Jason is a young singer who lives with his mom and sisters. However, he was sent to the attic because of his not so pure desires towards them.

At night, he plays music that lets him enchant women who will in turn do his bidding.

3. Sisterly Lust: This game is mostly about Incest. The lead player is torn apart from her family. When they later reunited, the three big sisters are all grown with attractive physical attributes.

The player has to make decisions about going through with several inner desires.

4. Harem Party: This game has lots of erotic and 18+ scenes. The leading actor was playing a game on a screen and all the characters came to life.

To progress in the game, he needs to keep throwing parties while overcoming temptations from multiple women and then trying to defeat a dark lord.

5. Ambers Magic Shop: This game entails a magical world. It is about an Elf that just moves into a new city.

She tries to find love in the hands of both men and women. Children should definitely not be playing this.

6. Dreaming of Dana: This game is about a spoilt child from a rich home who is pursuing his sister through all means.

It has an incestuous content and I don't think anyone would want their kids playing such.

7. Ladykiller in a bind: This game has an homosexual theme. It is an intense lesbian game with various endings. What happens depends on the choices you make.

It has a real life theme and should not be played by kids.

8. Coming out on top: Just like Ladykiller in a bind, this game is also an homosexual one. However, it is based on male to male relationships.

It's about a gay man trying to stand on his feet in the dating world.

9. Hunie pop: Don't be deceived by the look of candy on the screen. This is not a game your kids should have access to.

Finally, these are the top 9 games that you should never allow your underage kids play. There are many like them out there that you need to be careful of as a parent. Most of these games are not on Google playstore because they have zero tolerant for erotic games. However, their apk files are available on the internet. Make sure you filter the contents your kids are exposed to. They are just children, let them grow at their own pace.

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