I Used These 5 Tricks And Methods To Stop Snake From Coming To My House Once And For All


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If you do not want snakes to come around your house and close to you, then below are the things that you have to put into consideration or performed in other eradicate and prevent them.

1. CLOSS all holes and gardens. Snakes love hiding places like towers, houses below, garages etc. Make sure doors are closed and doors and windows are equipped with screens.

2. TIDY GARDEN LOOK. Keep your lawn low and your garden beds away from the outside. Make sure woodpiles are carefully stacked to prevent sheltering by snakes and rodents

3) BLOCK STRUCTURES CAVITIES. Rock walls love snakes. They are an energy source (the sun on the rock itself warms your cold blood and muscles), shelter (when you have enough sun) and food (preying on the rodents and frogs which also shelter in the rocks).

4. DOWN IN AND DOWN RAT. Rodent bait will get rid of mice and rats in your house and the garden - and

5. DISPOSE OF FOOD SCRAPS. Ensure that all food scraps are disposed of properly in covered bins. Food scraps encourage rats and mice - and therefore snakes!

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