Nigerian lady celebrates after failing her final law school exams.

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Failure is something that most people would get to experience at some point in life. The only difference is that we will all react to it in different ways.

The last exam conducted by the Nigerian Law School had an attendance of 5,770 students. Out of these number, 28.98% failed. It is reported that this year's examination has the highest failure rate. The results of the exam was published in the 6th of July.

A lady identified as @Butterbibi on Twitter was one of the 5,770 candidates. Unfortunately, she could not make it. Instead of moping and feeling sorry for her self, she has decided to remain positive.

She wrote that it is not possible for everyone to pass and that she will not let the results bring her down as she will keep pushing.

Her actions are indeed worthy of emulation. She is an encouragement for people going through hard times.

Whenever life deals you a blow, remember her story and keep pushing.

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