Kwani Wamerudiana na Kajala? Harmonize Says He is a Happy Man Now

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Tanzanian superstar Harmonize has caused stir online and raised eyebrows of many of his supporters, after revealing in his latest Instagram story that now he is a very happy man.

This just come few days after Fridah Kajala unblocked him on Instagram. This was one of the prayers of Harmonize while trying to persuade Kajala so that they can get back together as lovers. Harmonize went to an extent of buying Kajala a brand new range rover with a customised number plate.

Harmonize also publicly said that he will be able to drop good and amazing music only if Kajala accepts to come back in his life.

With the latest statements, it seems like he has achieved his goals or things are on the right path.

Here is the link to the full Information on Instagram.

Here is the screenshot of the full Information.

Just recently Harmonize's close friend Mwijaku said that Harmonize and Kajala are in good terms.

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