Watch | Teacher & Learner Fist Fight Inside Classroom



The video footage shows an incident where a school learner as well as his teacher are busy fighting one another in broad daylight on school premises, where it is believed that they had a disagreement and they confronted each other.

The teachers and learners can do that sometimes because there are often problems that arise from being in the class all day with each other, so this time I guess the teacher was really tired of the behaviour of the young man and wanted to set things straight.

He ended up having to fight the learner who proved to be stubborn, but things did not go very well for the learner and the teacher because the fight was really embarrassing so they had to sort out their differences in front of a disciplinary action committee.

It is much more likely that the teacher was suspended and the learner was also suspended for a period of time in order to cool off and to get their priorities straight, and decide what is very important in their lives - their jobs and education or is it fighting.

Now it has become completely clear that the behaviour of school learners towards their teachers is becoming more disrespectful, it is as if the learners do not respect their teachers because of their possessions or is there another reason?

Mostly this kind of behaviour has become a serious problem to many people, as they want learners and teachers to get along very well.

High school is a very important period for these learners and if they do not learn to be exemplary adults and portray a behaviour of maturity, they will be stuck in that situation where they are also failing to progress to university because they feel the need to fight instead of doing their school work.

The best advice I can give in life is to mind your own business and work on your self and future, so if you're doing that there is no way that you are going to be going around fighting other people.


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