Inooro Fm Presenters Who Were Awarded With Honorary Doctorates Recently

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1. Wanjiku Wa Gitonga.

Wanjiku Wa Gitonga is among the Inooro Fm presenters that were awarded with a Honorary Doctorate recently. She hosts the Sunday's 'Kigooco Ruriini' show from 4 pm to 6 pm. Wanjiku Wa Gitonga also adds up as the Head of Radio for Inooro Fm.

Speaking during the Inooro Fm's Praise and Worship show, Wanjiku Wa Gitonga encouraged all not to give up because all dreams are valid. Wanjiku Wa Gitonga also stated that the award serves as an inspiration for them to continue doing the good work and not stop there.

2. Wambui Wa Muturi.

Wambui Wa Muturi is also among the Inooro Fm presenters that were awarded with a Honorary Doctorate. She hosts the Inooro Fm's weekly 'Thereruka' show and Sunday's Praise and Worship show.

In addition, Wambui Wa Muturi also hosts the Inooro Tv's 'Uria Ndagitari' show. Wambui Wa Muturi could not take the award for granted considering the journey has not been easy as she stated in a recent social media post.

3. Anne Muratha.

Anne Muratha was also not left behind. She is known for her great counsel when it comes to various life issues. Anne Muratha is also part of Inooro Fm featuring on various shows to give counsel.

The blessings of the Lord are what we declare upon them as they continue to inspire and be a blessing to many through what they do.

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