My husband found me cheating with another man in our house and did this (OPINION)

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My name is Rosette and I'm 28 years old. I feel bad because what I recently did to my husband who I vowed to be with in sickness and in health, and when things are better or worse is embarrassing.

I cheated on him and to make matters worse, the man I was cheating with for 4 months always comes to me and my husband's house. That is where we always meet. Few days ago my husband came home early and caught us.

I expected him to shoot both of us right there but he didn't. He nicely asked the guy to leave. I was shaking to the toe at that moment. My husband then told me to go take a shower. Surprisingly, I tried to apologize after taking a shower, but he told me he does not want to talk about it because there is nothing he can do to reverse what happened. That was the last time we spoke about it.

Ever since that day he's been nice to me. He buys me flowers and take me out atleast twice a week. Just last week he took me shopping and spent R4400. He's busy organizing a trip for us before Christmas. He is doing everything I want from a man.

Here's my problem. What he saw last month is stressing me everyday. I'm even losing weight. I expected him to punish me or call a family meeting to report me, but he's doing the opposite. I feel like he's planning to do something bad to me. Sometimes when I open my eyes at night I find him looking at me. When I ask why? he says he's admiring my beauty and thanking God for blessing him with a very beautiful woman.

Do you think I need to leave him?


If the betrayer can take responsibility for what happened, usually after a lot of individual and couples therapy, they tend to stay faithful. More than that, they need to acknowledge what caused the breakdown within their relationship and understand what factors pushed them to cheat.

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