Nothing is Impossible| KZN Woman Completes Matric at Age 31

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Date: 28/01/22



Many South Africans have come to believe that there is a certain age that people must be in order to complete high school. This is part of the reason why there are many high school dropouts because they think that they are to old to actually finish. One woman however has call against All odds and decided to finish her matric at a very late age of 31. This is one of the very first times is has. Even documented that a 31 year old full student completed matric.


A 31 year old by the name of Slindile Cele has just shocked the nation after completing her matric with a bachelor's degree. It is said that she first wasn't matric back in 2006 when she was 17. She unfortunately failed the grade and had to go out and try to fend for herself.

She then realise how important education was when she was working as a maid or domestic work. She started saving money so that she could go back to school. In 2020 she decided to go back to grade 11 and two years later she passed her matirc. She had to save money for rent, uniform and transport money just to make sure that she goes through the 2 years easily.


It is now seen by many people that there is no such in the age that you can complete your matric. People who realise that they are missing their head start in life which is a grade 12 completion need to go back to school as soon as they can. Now this the 21 year old woman has a bright future ahead of her because she decided to take the hardest decision and go back to school.

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