Public Schools Under Siege After This Revelation By The Government


The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Kenya has disclosed some ghosts schools that have been stealing millions of taxpayer's money from the Government.

Data from the accounting officer show that there was an overpayment of 103 million to 150 schools while that from Auditor General indicates a total of Ksh269.2 million extra money paid to 185 schools.

Unimpressed by this unprofessional act, was the Sinyalu Member of Parliament Hon. Justus Kizito who led parents to destroy buildings used to siphon many from the Ministry of Education at Vikitsa Primary school in Kakamega. The school had over 50000 ghosts learners.

A school that does not exist called Mundeku Secondary school, for instance, received Ksh 11.1 million extra cash from the Government.

This prompted Opiyo Wandayi (Public Account Committee Chair) to call for a thorough audit of all public primary and secondary schools to reveal the actual number of learners.

In conclusion, as Mp Kizito puts it - "it is unacceptable that at a time when parents are struggling to pay fees and thousands of deserving schools are struggling to make ends meet, some are syphoning funds."


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