Lady Called Off Wedding After Being Told To Take Medication For 14 Days Before Her Lover Arrives


Relationship is just about being honest and straightforward, any form of trust issues between partners usually ends up damaging such relationship.

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There has been a reported confusion in news concerning a lady that is about having her marriage engagement. The fiancé sister who happens to work in hospital took the lady for general health check-up and the result reportedly came out clean, but the sister insisted that the lady must be on certain antibiotics for 14 days to prepare her body before the arrival of her brother.

The lady and her family insisted that she won't use any drug while the man insists that she must do as his sister instructed, prompting her to call off the relationship.

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What do you think about this? Is the lady suppose to use the drugs? Remember the story have it that the man sister works in a hospital, she may have prevented the lady from knowing certain things about her health conditions.

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