HELB Raises an Alarm to the Kenyans on Fake Accounts


With the drastic increase in cyberbulling, electronic deception and fraud distinguished agencies and organizations have risen to the occassion in an effort to curb the spread of these henious acts.

The Higher Education Loans Board has followed suit, raising an alarm to the kenyan citizens of mushrooming fake HELB social media accounts on distinguished social media pages.

HELB urged the general public to be careful when seeking services from those unverified accounts, maintaining that HELBpage is their official account on Facebook, @HELBpage on Twitter, TheHELBtube on YouTube and Official Higher Education Loans Board on LinkedIn.

"Be on the lookout for fake HELB social media accounts. Get information from our official social media pages: Facebook-HELBpage, Twitter-@HELBpage, YouTube-TheHELBtube and LinkedIn-Official Higher Education Loans Board," HELB stated.

Using proper channels when seeking information is one of the pivotal levers required while navigating through this journey of life. To avoid stress occasioned by falling into the traps of fraudsters manning unverified social media account, use proper channels when seeking HELB services or any other service whatsoever.

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