Kasoa killing reveals age long societal calamity - We must begin to question unexplained wealth


The Kasoa killing has revealed a long societal calamity that has been within this generation of Ghanians, wherein is the love for wealth and the worship of same, and for those who are able to amass enough, the masses see them as the accomplished no matter the non-availability of whatever they do to show for what they have.

Yesterday, on social and traditional media, there was news from Kasoa in the Central region reported as follows;

“A ten-year-old boy was studying and the two 16-year-olds lured him to come out and play with them. He obliged not knowing they had another plan. An evil plan. They killed him, cut off his ear for the purpose of money rituals. This is not a movie. This happened in Kasoa this Easter Saturday. A father of one of the boys saw them wrap the dead body in a cloth and quickly called the police on them”

The reaction from Ghanaians was the usually hypocritical expression of surprise and wonder. The same people who do not care where people get their money from, and how they get it, but worship the rich and chastise the poor for being lazy are amazed young boys at the ages of 16 and 18 have killed their colleague for money rituals.

Whether in politics, religion, familial settings or even in ordinary commerce, we have become too enamored with ill-gotten and fast wealth acquisition.

Those who make an honest living are no longer role models. They are derided. On the other hand, we cherish those who flash and flaunt “their” resources without ever asking how they have procured same.

We proclaim millionaires even though they offer no, or unknown, services or products to the society.

We must make a fast reversal and go back to the basics of valuing honest living, shunning the quick buck and discounting spiritual wealth.

Only then we shall be true to our societal values and religious teachings. Let us question an explained wealth and be bold to call out ill-gotten wealth.

Let also, those who do the questioning not be tagged as envious of the rich.

This is alarming. Let us be our brothers keepers, that includes exposing the greedy and those who are morally unfit within the society. 

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