What This Lady Did to a Man After He Refused To Pay 52k After The Act [VIDEO]


Again, the issues of love affairs and horizontal acrobatics are very complex. Since this is done by pure adults, they are the ones who agree on the terms and conditions of their act.

According to Murang'a Newspaper, a lady has done the unthinkable after the man whom she was with refused to pay money amounting to 52k. "Hotel drama as a LADY calls cops after a businessman who promised to give her Sh 52,000 for a night of ‘fun’ refused to pay (VIDEO)," the Media agency posted.

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Kenyans who are still in disbelief for what befell this man were quick to share what they think.

Shiira MJ said, "From 200...to 52000. You have to be serious sometimes".

Meanwhile, our reader, do you think it was right for the man to pay the 52k amount? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section and consider following us.

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