Pretty Ideas On How Nurses Should Braid Their Hair To Appear Smart And Prescribed

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Nursing is a noble profession and therefore requires that anybody who chooses this profession handle themselves in such a way that honors the profession. Every lady who chooses to be a nurse should also be ready to conform to all their rules and regulations including the ones regarding their dressing and code of ethics. You can't be a nurse and dress anyhow you want. This article covers just a part of how the Ghanaian nurse should dress- the hair. Have you ever wondered why nurses always braid or wrap their hair in a way that doesn't touch the collar of their uniforms? Keep scrolling to find out different ways you can style your hair as a nurse or as a lady who is planning to become one.

• Simple and precise: one major quality of a nurse is to be smart. With this in mind, nurses try their very best to keep their hair simple and firmly wrapped to prevent strands from falling down their faces and cheeks when they are busily attending to a patient. Keeping hair firmly wrapped also makes them snappy when performing a procedure that demands urgency.• Not too colorful: the most acceptable colors that nurses are required to braid are not too bright or colorful. Given this, "black" is the most ideal color that is normally braided by nurses. Since nurses attend to all forms of patients, making their hair with colors like blue, red, orange, green mauve, etc, might worsen the conditions of certain patients(patients with hallucinations and psychotic disorders). Even patients with severe malaria where hallucinations are present might react to certain hair colors that the nurse puts on.

• Not too long(above the collar of the uniform, not below): a nurse's hair should not be too long that it exceeds the collar of her uniform as mentioned earlier. This is because there have been instances where some psychotic patients have mistaken these long and big braids to be "snakes". Hence, nurses try to keep their hair braids as short as possible.

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