RIP: Another EFF Member Of Parliament Dies Unexpectedly

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We regret to inform you that EFF leader and parliamentarian Phillip Mhlongo has allegedly died. On November 30, 2021, news of his demise was announced.

There is no official statement stating the cause of death, and US day News does not confirm or deny Phillip Mhlongo's death, but we are awaiting further official information, so please bear with us.

Phillip Mhlongo was born and reared in Umsinga, KwaZulu-Natal, where he attended elementary and secondary school. He was a member of the EFF's KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Command Team and was instrumental in the EFF's formation in this province from the start.

Until the ANC was de-banned in 1990, Fighter Mhlongo was also a member and activist of the United Democratic Front (UDF). In 1986, he also joined Umkhoto we Sizwe (MK) and received training in Mozambique's Matola camp. He was also stationed in Quatro, Angola, before returning to South Africa in the 1980s to participate in a number of attachments and deployments in Natal underground operations. He earned an advanced diploma in labour law from Wits University's Ditsela program.

He was a founding member of the National Education, Health, and Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU), which was formed immediately after the merger of various trade organizations.

Additional information on Phillip Mhlongo's role as an Economic Freedom Fighter

According to his interview with the People's Assembly, he was up in a Christian home and was motivated to join the battle by the biblical account of Moses and the story of Chief Albert Luthuli. He joined the 'undergrounders' with the assistance of Reverend Kunene of the Anglican Church in Ladysmith.

He became active when his transfer to Ladysmith exposed him to the terrible reality of the fight. He was introduced to uMkhonto weSizwe and was prepared to react physically to the times' difficulties. This also posed difficulties for his family, since he was always absent. Mhlongo said that he was asthmatic and that his participation in the conflict aggravated his condition.

Mr Mhlongo graduated from high school in 1985 as a member of the United Democratic Front (UDF). This produced tension between his participation in the battle and his Christian principles since his family perceived his participation as aggressive.

He partnered with the EFF, mobilizing people on the ground to vote for the EFF in the 2014 elections, which they won by over a million votes. "I was then invited by Mr Malema to run for the National Assembly as a Member of Parliament," he said.

He discussed his responsibility as an EFF member, which is to represent people regardless of their political affiliations. He continued by stating that he was not a fan of political grandstanding, even when he appeared before the Portfolio Committee on Police.

As Mr Mhlongo said, the EFF's inclusion in Parliament altered the way Parliament operates. Initially, the EFF was considered a disruptive group.

When asked what his message to South Africans is, he responded that people like Nelson Mandela paved the way for South Africa to follow at the time, stating that "there are good men and women in all political parties that comprise our democratic dispensation in our country, and our duty as leaders is to identify these good men and women and move our country forward, regardless of our partisanship."

Phillip Mhlongo said that Mandela stated that there are wicked men and women in all political parties that constitute the democratic system, and it is our responsibility to discover and imprison them.

"We cannot continue to tolerate a scenario in which black people are only spectators, unable to participate in the economy. Steve Biko instilled in us a sense of black consciousness and the need for self-awareness. Our forefathers and mothers were inventive and capable of ploughing fields using a variety of methods long before the arrival of white people. We should not only study to be employed by white men7y87 but also to be innovative and create our own genius," Phillip Mhlongo stated.

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