4 Bible Verses You Should Read Before You Sleep At Night

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The Night was created and designed by God as a period for rest, regeneration and renewal, and it is also the time that demonic powers operate to launch their attacks against people, and since God upholds all things by the word of his power, and John 6:63 and Proverbs 18:21 reveals that God's word is spirit and life, and that life and death are in the power of the tongue, you must read and declare the word of God in some verses of the Bible because God instructs that you should read and meditate in his law both in the day and also at night.

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Since God has made his children kings and priests, and power is present where the word of a king is given, reading and declaring the word of God written in the Bible will help you address the night and also take charge of it.

1. Psalm 27:1

According to the Bible verse above, the Lord is your light and your salvation, and so you should fear no one, the Lord is also the strength of your life and you should not be afraid of anyone. Reading and declaring this verse at night will encourage you to trust in the Lord and believe him as your light and the one who will give you salvation because it belongs to him alone.

2. Psalm 5:12.

According to the Bible verse given above, God will bless a righteous person, and he will also surround him or her with favour like a shield. You should read and declare this verse before you sleep at night for God to bless you and envelope you with his favour.

3. Philippians 4:6.

According to the Bible verse given above, God's peace that is beyond all understanding of any man will keep your heart and also your mind. This means that as you sleep at night, God will bless you with His peace in other to keep your heart and mind from being troubled by the devil through bad dreams.

4. Psalm 91:11.

The Bible verse above reveals that God will give charge to his angels to keep you in all your ways. You should read and declare this verse before you sleep at night so that God can command his angels to keep you as you sleep.

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