Do you want to laugh? Funny pictures and memes for your Sunday.


Today is Sunday 10th July, 2021. A very bright day the Lord Jehovah has made and we are all thankful for his mercies. As I have been doing for quite a while now, I try my best to put smiles on the faces of people worldwide, especially Ghanaians and South Africans who are facing a lot of economic challenges. I put together these memes and funny images to put a smile on your faces. Laughter, as I always say is medicine and it is scientifically proven to slow down aging and wrinkles. It also helps treat depression, anxiety and all stress related problems. Kindly share with your friends and family so they can also have a good laugh. Thank you.

This is so funny and I couldn't help but laugh my heart out even after posting this.

This is so rib cracking.

So funny.

So true.

Hahahahha I just can't help it.

People are so mean on the Internet.

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