Crush The Devil & His Agents This Wednesday Morning By Saying These Holy Ghost Fire Prayers


If you don't crush the devil he will crush you, then you are left with no other choice than to attack and crush him and his agents first. Paying blind attention to the devil's scheme and strategies is self-harming. You cannot self-sabotage yourself because of ignorance or laziness. You have to wake up, speak up and pray up. There is power in your tongue and when you use it rightly it brings you total freedom.

You cannot sit around and watch the devil manhandle you like a baby. You will only be giving him room to enter into your home and family all the time. You just have to boss up, wise up and pray up starting from this minute. You have to let him know who is the boss and be the boss you are created to be. Hence you have to pray without season and stopping.

You need to crush the devil and his cohorts, you have to overcome them and be the boss. Hence, crush the devil and his agents this Wednesday morning by saying these holy ghost fire prayers.

1. The is power in my tongues and with that power and authority that is given to me through Jesus Christ, I command and release hoky ghost fire to strike down all my enemies, the devil's plans against my life.

2. I crush the devil and his agents fighting against my good and success in life right these minutes through the mighty hands of God. I command Holy Ghost fire to consume their gatherings concerning my life.

3. Whatever mission they are going on or planning against me, I crush them and their plans in Jesus' name. I'm victorious, free, and liberated from every force of darkness in Jesus' Mighty Name I have prayed, amen.

Share with your loved ones and pray for them as well. Glory be to God.