They are chilling in Togo-The suspected killers of Constable Emmanuel has been identified in Togo.


It was in a broad day on the streets of James Town in the Greater Accra Region where a Police Officer, Constable Emmanuel Osei escorting a bullion van was shot and gruesomely killed by armed robbers who were on motorbikes together with a pregnant woman. The driver survived few bullet wounds. But the tellers in the car run away unhurt.

According to report by UTV, the police has identified the suspected killers of Constable Emmanuel are chilling in Togo with the money there robbed from the bullion van.

The leader of the is known as Hakam a.k.a Red Devil has been has escaped from the police at Okroase in the Eastern region to Togo.

Right now they are chilling in Togo, meanwhile the Ghana police has send arrest other to the Togo police with pictures to arrest the suspects. The question is even Ghana police couldn't arrest them how can Togo police arrest them?

Is so sad how they manage to cross the boarder to Togo. This proves that Ghana is really not a secure country because anyone come enter and exit at anytime.

Source: UTV


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