Is it Azimio or UDA Who will garner more votes? Latest Opinion poll shows.

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The coming August 2022 general election have increased the political temperature of the country as many politicians and their related followers are trying hard to ensure support from the electorates.

The eye catching presidential candidates are the former prime minister and the party leader of orange Democratic movement, Raila amollo odinga and the deputy president snd the party leader of united Democratic alliance, Dr. William Samoei Ruto.

A presidential poll was conducted to guage who between the two fierce opponents will garner more votes on the coming general election.

According to the poll results, the second in command, that is the deputy president cum the party leader of United Democratic alliance party, William Ruto is leading with a landslide votes of about a percentage of 65% while the former prime minister who is the chief leader of team Azimio la umoja, Raila odinga trailed behind with a total percentage of 35% of the total votes.

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