What Bitter Kola Can Do For You

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Bitter kola is an amazing plant that has great health benefits, though it has a bitter taste consuming it will work wonders in your body.

1. Bitter kola can be used to fight conditions such as arthritis. Some studies have shown that constantly consuming kola nuts might help with osteoarthritis in the knee. It is suggested that high levels of potassium in kola nut might be responsible for the effects it has on inflammation.

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2. Some studies have also shown that bitter kola can be used to fight type 2 diabetes. A chemical that is known as kolaviron may help protect against hypoglycemia that is commonly found in people with type 2 diabetes.

3. Bitter kola is also known to fight against infections. Some studies have shown that bitter kola can be used to combat coughs, bacterial infection and viral infection.

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4. Bitter kola also help with weight loss. It is known to be a natural hunger suppressant. Bitter kola makes you thirsty which result in you feeling fuller.

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5. Some researchers have also claimed that bitter kola might be able to help with glaucoma.

6. It can help with treating malaria. The kolaviron in kola is a natural oxidant which has high anti malaria properties.

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