UDA Dealt A Blow After MP Refuses To Ditch Jubilee For Tangatanga, Says He Must Consult Uhuru


The past few weeks have experienced political leaders ditching various parties and joining others, as party lieutenants move fast to move lawmakers to join and strengthen their camps. The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party has been in major tussle for members with the Jubilee party with key leaders ditching the latter to join the former. Among the latest key leader to join UDA camp famously known as Tangatanga is the Kiambu women representative Gathoni Wamuchomba.

UDA has however received a blow after nominated member of parliament David Sankok who was being seduced to join Tangatanga refused saying he must obtain permission from his party leader president Uhuru Kenyatta. " You will wait for my response on or before December because I have to consult president Uhuru Kenyatta who is my Party leader," Sankok said.

The battle of supremacy among the major political parties ahead of the 2022 general elections has revolved around defections and mass registration of members. UDA has been moving fast to woe members to their side and registering a contingent of members across all corners of the republic.

The refusal by MP Sankok to join UDA is however a blow to them as the party tries to build itself ahead of 2022.

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