"Why Do Ladies Give Out Their Numbers And Then Ignore Your Texts?" Boy Inquires On Twitter

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Boys are initially excited when they get a lady's number but are left frustrated when she refuses to reply their messages. There are many reasons why a lady might decide not to reply a guy's message and one of them is importance. There are definitely other guys who she sees more important than a stranger she just met. Perhaps if guys could be more important then they could get the attention they need.

A Twitter user identified as Shola is not happy with ladies who give you their numbers and ignore your text when you try to contact them. "Why do ladies give out their numbers when you ask and then ignore your texts?", he asked on Twitter. There could be different reasons which should definitely be given by ladies themselves. Some Ladies release their phone numbers reluctantly because of the boy's persistence while others may not even have the time to reply such messages. You can scroll down to see reactions on Twitter and you can also drop your answers in the comment box below.

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