5 Business Ideas to Invest While You are Still a Student


As a campus student you have a lot of needs which require money. You have to think for business ideas that will generate extra income. The ideas are as follows.

Selling clothes

You can start a business of selling second hand clothes. You can invest only about 3000 shillings and you earn good profit which will sustain you. Students will always buy new outfits therefore the market will always be constant.


Students have laptops and smart phones. Use the devices to write good articles that will earn you money. Open an account and post your work as many times as possible and at the end of the day you will be paid. Be creative and earn.

Printing services

You can open your cyber cafe as and individual or jointly. Buy all equipments necessary such as printers and photocopier. Even your laptop will earn a good money. Students will always print their notes and therefore you shall earn good money.

Food joint

You can buy fruits in a whole sale market or from upcountry and resell them on retail. You can also sell boiled eggs or chips. Students will buy fruits such as bananas, oranges and pineapples. You can buy a blender and make them as juice and you will earn.

M-pesa business

You can open it as a sub agent. Many students do not carry money in liquid form. Therefore they put them in their phones. They will need to withdraw. You will earn in commission that will sustain you.

Invest in the ideas and earn well. Please follow this page for more updates.

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