Mzansi reacts to the video of a prisoner twerking in prison

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The video of a prisoner twerking is making adjusts on social media platforms and leaving individuals in meander. In the video that was shared by Daniel Marven on Twitter, this female prisoner should be visible twerking at the door, and what left individuals with unanswered inquiries is that individuals accepted that this video was taken by somone who works in jail.

An individual who took this video can be heared reciting and applauding this female prisoner while she is occupied with twerking at the entryway. Many individuals saw this as so improper and they accept that this video is discoloring the standing of this country "SA is a wreck".

Twitter clients have shared their considerations in the remark area concerning this. Many Twitter clients were simply amazed in light of the fact that this video made it obviously that a few prisoners are exceptionally preferred in jail "This one is in heaven" Wrote a Twitter client. "Jail is definitely not an underhanded spot it's portrayed" Wrote another Twitter client.


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