Meet Maria, the beautiful dark young model from Ghana who is causing stir with her complexion


A very dark young model erupt social media with her beautiful complexion and social media can't stop reacting.

The beautiful dark Ghanaian model who is causing soo much stir on social media is identified as Maria in real life and Maria Ulla in showbiz. It hasn't been long since this beautiful young lady popped up on social media and her name is fast spreading due to her smooth dark complexion.

The young model was first brought to lim light by popular musician Pappy Kojo as she featured in the musicians project, since her screen debut, the model has fast gained over 2,000 followers on social media and many of her fans can't stop reacting to the unpopular complexion of the young model Maria.

Despite the model being very dark, her skin is very smooth and that makes her very unique among many Ghanaian models.

Quickly take a sneak peak at some photos of the beautiful dark young model named Maria and draw your honest conclusion.

Is this really her colour? this and many more are the question most people are asking concerning Maria's complexion.


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