"On Monday, I Helped A Woman Who Was In Labour By The Road Side Give Birth" -- Lady


People do things and they see them as very simple or ordinary things meanwhile, these little things they do are very meaningful, worthwhile and commendable.

Today, @ShoesByFlora, Nengi Rebecca Hampson's Shoe Line made a post asking followers to share their small wins and also with the advice that these wins should not be underestimated, they admonished that sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of one's life.

A particular follower with the username @zerodolhilz shared that she helped a woman birth a baby girl by the road side this Monday, she also described how happy she was.

It is indeed a great feat for one to be able to aid a woman deliver her baby safely and without complications and especially by the road side. We thank God that mother and baby are safe. This particular deed met various applause from fellow Ninjas. They all sent their congratulatory messages to her.

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