15 African Super Beautiful Traditional Cloths


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The believes that africans were naked before the arrival of the Europeans is totally ludicrous because africa's two popular forms of fabric,the Malian "bogolan" and the Ghanaian "kente" were in existence way before the first explorer ever stepped foot on the shores of Africa.

Today,we are revealing 15 of the most beautiful traditional costumes of African countries. Let's begin.

15. Kenya

In Kenya, there are many types of costumes,that's because every region or tribe have their own idea how a traditional attire should look.

Regardless,Kenyan traditional clothing is very colorful and heavily decorated. Popularvtypes are the Kitenge and and Khanga.

14. Nigeria

The most common traditional cloths won in nigeria are the Abada,the Isiagu and for the females the Edo culture costume

13 South Africa

SA is a hot bed of multiple culture,ethnicities,cuisines,traditional and clothing.

The country is a home to multitude of people from different parts of the world. And the differences between this cultures can be seen in their clothing style. Cosa,Venda and the belle have different styles of clothing.

But the one ring to rule over all of this people is the Madiba shirt

12 Tanzania

Men in Tanzania often use less colorful garment than women. They prefer brown,blue and yellow colors.

This outfit is known as the Kanzu. Women from this country wear Kanga or Kitenge

11 Uganda

The Musha Nana is a traditional ceremony address of women in Uganda,Burundi and Rwanda.

It consists of a rap scart bounched at the hips a sash draped over one shoulder typically worn over a tank top or a busty air.

Gomesi is one of Uganda's favorite cloths but it is mostly done by older women.

10. Ethiopia

Each ethnic group or tribe in Ethiopia has it's own unique traditional cloth. However,the most common one is the Habesha kemis worn by the women.

This is a long white dress embellished with embroidery and a withe shawl known as Netela.

Men's consist of white trousers, a white knee length shirt and a piece of cloth known as Gabi.

9. Sumalia

Sumalian women wear a long dress made of comfortable polyester known as Baartir. Married women tend to spot head scarves referred to as Sash and often cover their upper body.

Sumalian men wear Macawis. For their upper garment, a plain shirt does the magic and a colorful turban

8. Ghana

The culture of this country and it's ancient heritage heavily influenced the look of traditional cloths. That's why the designs,fabrics and patterns are not just any random thing without meaning.

This carry all knowledge and tradition. The two common types of traditional costumes are Kente and the Ghanaian Smock

7 Rwanda

Just like Uganda, people here also wear Mushanana. This attire us similar to a very simple tripped indian Sari but it is historically used in Africa and it's a large part of Rwandan culture.

6. Gambia

Normally cloths in Gambia include long flowing items. For women, this cloths often goes down to the ankles and traditional cloths are often bright and colorful made from a very popular process known as tie-dye

5. DR Congo

In the DRC, women enjoy dressing in nice cloths with very bold colors.

The Congolese dress in a style known as Liputa not to be confused with Lupita. Wearing nice cloths in this country is extremely important because the nicer the cloths are, the more respect you'll receive.

Congolese women hardly ever trousers.

4. Eswatini

The traditional swazi outfit worn by men and women are called Emahya. They consist of two parts.

The top part is an "Umhelwane". This is a large piece of fabric tied with a knot in the left hand side of the shoulder

The bottom part is a cloth wrapped around thw waist

3. Morocco

The traditional dress for men and women in Morocco is called Djellaba. For very special occasions,men also wear a red cap referred to as a Fez while the women wear kaftans

2. Mali

Silk skirt tonics and long dresses are popular choices for Malian women particularly the pannier which is a wrap around skirt.

Traditionally women also wear turbans that match their dresses. The Boubou is just a full lenght-tonic. It's a treditonal men's garment.

1. Egypt

Similar to that of Morocco,the most widespread outterwear in Egypt is known as the Kaftan.

The Kaftan here is ope in the front and belted with a sash called hizan.

Wich of these African clothing styles appeal to you the most. Leave us a comment down there.

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