THE YOUTH OPINION: Nerima Wako gives her opinion on the battle of the running mate

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Nerima Wako is a Kenyan political analyst who serves as the executive director, Siasa Place.

Today, on a show hosted by Trevor Ombija, Nerima gave her opinion about women in leadership.

According to her, when we talk about women in leadership, we pull the gender card first, aside from being a woman, Martha Karua also has a rich political history.

Having a lady in the race makes it exciting.

"Hon. martha Karua starting her politics in her 20's should not be taken for granted.It is a typical picture of how much women have to do to reach almost the same or similar level compared to a man."

She went further and said Karua has a family history if being in politics and had a brother who was also in politics.

"For me when I look at both tickets it's going to be 'what are we going to be looking at especially with the young people?', People are going to be concerned about the economy but we are also concerned about the corruption in our country.We want something to be done.We cannot continue seeing development and we are still losing resources towards corruption."

According to her, integrity and Justice arr going to be key and she thinks Martha Maria has those dockets.

The card gender is going to play a big role in this elections.

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