"Raila Wewe ni Mzee Tanakuheshimu." See what Dp Ruto told Raila while campaigning at Raila's bedroom

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The political rivalry between the The Deputy President William Ruto and the Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is escalating even more. The Deputy William Ruto today camped at DC grounds Kibra constituency which is believed to be Raila Political bedroom. Dp Ruto while addressing the residents of Kibra constituency, he confirmed that he has undisputable respect towards Raila Odinga However Dp Ruto warned Raila to avoid Politics of ethnicity and violence.

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"Bwana kitendawili hawa Wananchi wanakuheshimu lakini wachana na siasa za Ukabili, vujo na vitini, pia ujue hawa vijana hawapangwi na handouts." Dp Ruto said as the crowd cheered.

The stiff competition between the Deputy President William Ruto and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is already causing panic in either camps. The Azimio la Umoja camp and Hustlers Nation camp are all not settled by the political atmosphere in the country. Everyone feels he is better than the other.

Do you think Ruto Respects Raila Odinga or it's Politics in itself?

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