8 Things Every Man Wants To Hear In Bed


Just like how you want to know if your man is happy in bed is the same way your man too expects the same from you.Men love to hear it from your mouth what you like and how you like it.Whispering and talking while doing it does go a long way.Here are some talks that men would like to hear in bed.

1.Shout His Name

Guys love to hear their names while it goes on.Close your eyes and say his name when you like what he is doing.This gives him some kind of satisfaction.

2.Am Coming

Every man wants to know if he is doing it right.They love it when you tell them you are about to get an org*ism.Just scream out you are coming and that would be the right way of saying it.

3.Keep Going

No man likes to be stopped in the middle of the act for no reason whatsoever.Instead have you try telling him he should continue with what he is doing and not stop.Tell him to keep going and not stop.

4.I Love It When You Go Downtown.

Everyman loves to hear his partner appreciate.When you tell your man how you love it when he gives it to you boost his confidence for him to do better next time.

5.Your Thing Is Bi&

No man will deny that he likes hearing how his size is.They also like it more when it from nobody but his partner.

6.This Is The Best I have Ever Had.

Tell your man this is the best you have ever had and you mean it.Just say it with a reason,some things like this helps a great deal.

7.Today Is Your Day,Do Whatever You Want To.

Try telling your man this and watch him give you his best shot.He will do it as if there is no tomorrow.

8.I Want To Give You A Bl*w J*t.

Saying this to your guy shows that you are a clear winner.It is actually sometimes a must.It welcomes another level of maturity.

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