Is this fashion or madness? Take a look at these 6 photos and conclude


Nowadays the youth have put up all manners of dressing to the extend at which children of today no longer valuing their dignity. Due to how fast the world had changed many styles of dressings keep popping up and the need for the elders to delve into this matter to prevent them from going totally astray.

Bad in the days, it was very shameful for a person to wear either a shirt or a shorts, trousers or cloth that was above their knees but nowadays young people wear too tight and exposing clothing that they constantly pull them when walking.

Only mad men used to wear torn and tattered clothing but nowadays many of such clothing have been rebranded are sold in many boutiques and markets influencing the young ones negatively into thinking their enjoying their youth.

Young boys of today wear trousers below their knees even despite putting on leather belts and I just can’t see the fashion in such in decent dressings. As they walk they hold the trousers from falling but will not want to adjust the belt for the trousers to be comfortable on them.

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