Here's what a Black SA Girl had to say, After a White person complimented her. Opinion.

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In South Africa we have a lot of different races and cultures and this can often lead to conflicts, with some people claiming that there race is better than others. Recently one Black South African Girl took to social media to talk about all the ways that Black people are better after a White person complimented her.

Her Opinion :

In her video posted to social media site TikTok, which you can watch below, she is replying to a comment from a white person. The comment implies that Black girls are starting to get better than White Girls in Beauty, Education and Sports.

She responds by saying that black people are the holy grail of beauty, claiming there would be no humankind without them. She also implies that there is no sport that Black people are not dominating, apart from the ones that they were deliberately kept out from, however even than they found a way.

Her final point is that Black people don't need education, they built the Pyramids. Asking the person who complimented her if what was said actually sounds like a compliment. To watch the video, click on the link below or keep reading for my Opinion.

My Opinion :

Personally, I don't believe that what was said by the commentor actually sounded like a compliment. Implying that Black people are getting better than White people at the things listed, makes it seem like they never were, when in reality, with practice anyone can become good at something regardless of their race.

As for the many claims of this Young Woman, she may he right, however that's for history to decide. Instead of focusing on one race, I would like to urge South Africans to show love to all races as we are all, beautiful, skilled and intelligent in our own ways.

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