Much than Christiano's: African football player who is now among the highest paid footballers.

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It is not news that athletes are among the highest-paid professionals in the world. These people are well salaried to a point that they can afford any valuable thing. Private Islands, Jets, and luxurious hotels are some of their equities. But with this truth, you will still find an African parent preferring his child to go for formal employment than focusing on his/hers athletic skills.

English Premier League players are known to be well salaried. They are paid weekly. Can you imagine that at the end of the week something to smile about is added to your bank account? Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo have been long known to be the highest-paid footballers. Nevertheless, it's now not the case as the Egyptian goat Mohammed Salah is among the elites.

Salah recently extended his contract with the Liverpool FC team in an agreement that saw his salary take a higher figure. According to Mirror Football reports, Salah will be bagging £400,000 weekly which is approximately 56 million Kenyan shillings.This makes him the fourth best-paid player in the world. Leading in the list is France's talented kid Kylian Mbappe. CR7 closes the top five list with a salary of £385,000.

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