Video: Woman Whose Baby Was Stolen At Birth, Testifies Of How Her Baby Returned After 7 Months


In this life trust nobody because the evil ones lurk around and ready to devour you at any given opportunity. The world we live in keeps getting bad, every now and then. In as much as we love people, we must also learn to know loves us as much as we love them, there are too many unfriendly people around us, that we must do away with.

They're in our circle of friends, families, at work places and even in our religious gatherings. It wonders and baffles me, how someone could be so callous and wicked as to suffer a fellow human being, like him or her self yet felt no remorse for what he or she has done.

In a trending video I came across today April 5,2021, where a woman accompanied by her mother in-law, were invited by Bishop David Oyedepo to the Living Faith a.k.a Winners Chapel's altar, to testify of what GOD did in their lives. A lady by the name Kelechi Chinyere said that while she was getting close to delivering her baby, her husband sought the help a caregiver, to be looking after her in preparation for the delivery day.

When the day of delivery came, she was taken to the hospital and after giving birth she became unconscious, by the time she regained consciousness, the caregiver came and told her that her baby had died and she has buried it. She got home, called her mother-in-law to tell her what has happened and she began pressuring her husband to lay with her, so she could conceive again.

She became pregnant and after 7 months, while she and her husband were home they received a call from Badagry Police Station asking them to come to the station, they were surprised and told the Police that they have not committed a crime to be invited by them.

On reaching the Police Station, they were told the son of the caregiver came to report his mother, who was negotiating to sell their for paltry sum of N14,000 and afterwards their son was presented to them, then they went back home and came to Church to testify.

We must be extremely careful about the unfriendly people, who come around us disguising as good people, only with the intention to harm us.

What kind of treatment do you think is deserving of that woman (caregiver)?

Watch the video here