Opinion: Schools Should Be Closed, Covid-19 Pandemic Is Becoming Worse


As we all are aware of the Worse effects that Covid-19 has brought worldwide, teachers and parents are not exceptional.

Teachers and parents are worried about being exposed to this deadly infection. It has been around a week since the reopening of schools.

As per the directions given by President Uhuru Kenyatta on 1st may 2021, for all schools to reopen and students to class lessons. Just after a week, ministry of health confirmed and announced discovery of 5 positive cases for new Indian variant.

Later on, 15 more classes for Indian variant were discovered after testing 17 Covid-19 positive samples.

In the past few days, the ministry of health have been producing troubling results on the number of positive cases.

Example, on 15th May 2021, ministry of health recorded 267new Covid-19 cases, making a total of 165,379 with 1,741,604 samples tested.

Opinion: Since the discovery of new Indian variant in our country Kenya, Panic has risen among teachers and parents.

This is because ministry of health does not have perfect safety measures for the safety of learners and teachers at schools.

Therefore, all schools should be closed before the situation become worse of Indian variant in schools.

Prevention is better than cure.

Online and internet learning should be preferred if one can afford.

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