Check out the look on actor Alex Ekubo's face as he hangs out with friends after fiancee's breakup.

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A short video in which popular Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo, and two of his friends were seen driving around in a luxury ride has been shared on the social media. Popular Nigerian entrepreneur and friend of the three, Francis Nwaogwugwu popularly known as Vintage, shared the video on his Instagram story on Thursday afternoon. 

The video showed Alex together with a colleague, Ik Ogbonna and one other male friend cruising around in Port-Novo, Benin Republic. Ik Ogbonna and the third guy in the video were seen to be busy pressing their phones while Ogbonna started interacting with the person recording the video and flaunted his wristwatch towards the camera.

However, Alex appeared to be lost in thought when the camera was directed towards him. The movie star seemed to be oblivious of the recording while placing his hand on his face and looking through the window of the car through out the moment that the camera was on him.

Meanwhile, the video is coming barely 24 hours after Alex's fiancee called off their wedding booked for November 20, this year. The beautiful Nigerian model, Fancy Acholonu released official statement on her Instagram page yesterday afternoon informing the general public about her decision to put an end to her relationship with Alex and call off their planned wedding.

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