7 Year old Girl tragically killed, as the killer runs away. Here are all the details.

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Early today a tragic accident occuring that took the life of a child and left a family heartbroken. As we approach the Christmas season, events like this should not occur, all the details of the event are down below, along with what you need to know to avoid this kinds of tragic accidents.

A young child killed :

Early today a seven year old child and her five year old cousin were playing earlier today in the Cornubia area of Kwazulu Natal. The Child had come in to stay with her relatives for the December holidays. However tragedy struck when the two Children noticed a orange rope across the road and tried to get it.

The seven year old was hit by a unknown motor vehicle who fled the scene while another driver stopped to help. When RUSA (Reaction Unit South Africa) medics arrived, they assessed the child an found that she had been fatally injured. The five year old had suffered no injuries.

The sad reality :

This unfortunate incident is just one of many that will occur on the roads this Christmas season. Which is why I plead with everyone reading this to take extra precaution. Keep an eye on your children and keep them away from busy streets.

If you are a driver than please look out for any pedestrians as pedestrians can sometimes act irrationally. Keep an eye on the road and do not drive over the speed limit, also do not drink and drive under any circumstances.

During the Christmas season we want to their to be as little road related deaths and possible so let's all work together to make that happen. Tell me what you think of this tragic case in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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